The Power of Principle

A company is only as strong as its guiding principles. The following are ours. They guide us as we guide our clients, and keep us focused on doing business the right way.


For AAC Utility Partners, independence is not simply a selling point. It’s a basis for trust, and therefore, the valuable relationships we foster with our clients. For this reason, we’ve been committed from our earliest days to complete independence from the technology vendors and service providers we evaluate for our clients. We have never received any form of revenue from a vendor. This includes, but is not limited to selling advertising on websites, consulting engagements or any form of partnership with vendors. At AAC, we work for our clients, not the vendors.


From the countless hours we pour into each client project to the dedication and ability of our people, Team AAC’s goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality and timeliness in everything we do. We’re continually striving to improve our methods, tools and service to our clients.


We strive to build value into not only our clients’ projects, but also their individual team members and organizations as a whole. We help our clients find technology solutions that will not only answer technology requirements but that answer real-life business needs and add value into your organization.


No matter where the business world drifts, there will never be a substitute for old-fashioned hard work and customer service. That’s why we are committed to spending unrivaled amounts of time on site with our clients, guiding them throughout their projects. Our clients’ have told us that this front-lines approach to doing business has been of immeasurable value to their teams and projects.


At AAC, we purposefully take on the unique role of being an advocate for our clients. Our thorough approach to documentation and commitment to the measurability of your projects helps justify costs to organization and community leadership. And our unparalleled methodology and project tools guards you against the pitfalls common in utility IT projects today. Even if you need help presenting findings to the stakeholders of your project, AAC is here to ensure that your project not only finishes successfully but makes your project team look good in the process.


We are known for being courteous and personable and yet direct and clear in our communications. In our line of work, where multiple teams of people must come together and work together to be a success, it is essential that communication be honest, straightforward, appropriate, clear, respectful and kind.


In sync with our commitment to how we communicate is how we receive your communications. We don’t pretend to know your business better than you, but instead draw out from your project team and business process experts the valuable knowledge they hold. We are also good at taking criticism. In fact, we welcome it when it’s constructive because, honestly, who better to help us grow than the people we work so closely with for months at a time. We listen carefully because we care about our clients.