There Must Be a Better Way

A Growing Conviction

AAC founders Steve Wenke, Edwin Crow and Rick Cutter had each spent nearly two decades of their technology careers providing solutions and services to the utility industry—experiences which gave them a first-hand look at the weaknesses common among technology consultants and vendors, and left them thinking there had to be a better way.

This awakening soon hardened into conviction. Utilities needed and deserved a truly independent, unbiased and, most importantly, client-focused approach to IT consulting.

AAC Utility Partners was born from this conviction and is today a global niche-consulting firm guiding utilities of all services and sizes through their major information technology projects “accurately, reliably and easily.”


Edwin Crow

Managing Partner

Rick Cutter, PMP

Managing Partner

Steve Wenke

Managing Partner

Answering a Need

To answer the cookie-cutter consulting they’d observed, the three drew from their extensive backgrounds in software development, management, sales and consulting. What emerged was a ground-breaking approach to IT consulting focused on the unique needs of utilities— NavigateOne ™ Methodology.

Surrounding themselves with experienced consultants who share their dedication to quality, they formed Team AAC.

The goal for the company and strategy for success was simple. Combine their game-changing methodology and its specialized support tools with superior customer service and hard work to build value, not only into utilities’ technology projects, but into the very organizations and project teams themselves.

The Rest of the Story

The Result? AAC Utility Partners has grown, predominately by reputation, to be the industry leader in utility IT project approach. In fact, many of our clients have become such believers in AAC’s style of doing business and NavigateOne ™, they re-hire us for second and third projects. And today, our Team continues to lead successful IT projects for municipal and investor-owned utilities ranging in services and size from 30,000 to 1.2 million customers. How can we play a part in your story?

Photo of Lyndal Haddox

Lyndal Haddox, PMP

Vice President - Innovative Solutions

Jim Anderson

Manager, Technology Assessment & Selection Services