5 Things to Know About Doing Business With AAC

Simply put, AAC Utility Partners helps utilities deliver successful technology initiatives. More specifically, we provide assessment, selection, and implementation management services to utilities considering or engaged in complex IT projects.


Here’s the five most important things you should know about doing business with AAC:

We support your project from start to finish

Utilities need a long-haul partner when it comes to technology transformations. AAC delivers robust assessments and business cases, guides clients through bulletproof selections for best-fit solutions, and then provides the leadership, resources and tools they need to deliver successful implementations.

We partner with utilities — not vendors

In professional services, relationships are everything. Who you partner with is critical. So we choose to partner with utilities only—not vendors. Most of our competitors can’t say this. And because of this decision, we’ve built a reputation in the industry as a trusted advocate for our clients.

We lead business-driven tech projects

Our methodology, NavigateOneTM, is built on the conviction that technology projects should be driven by business needs. NavigateOne captures these functional issues in assessment and selection, correlates them to technical capabilities and then traces implementation activities back to them to ensure complete solution delivery.

Every project delivers full functionality on budget

We hear the phrase “on-time and on-budget” a lot in our line of work. But we believe these project priorities should be flipped. Five years from your go-live, no one will remember if your project schedule was extended by two months. But fail to deliver a fully functional system and your name will be infamous for years to come. We focus on functionality first, then budget, then schedule. Because of this commitment, we’ve guided more than 40 successful projects that delivered full functionality within budget.

We embrace our clients’ unique work cultures.

We realize cultural fit is critical to project success. Our clients welcome us into their work environments, so we strive to adapt and be a positive part of the project team. At the same time, you can always trust us to be candid, giving accurate and reliable data and insights about the performance of your project.

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