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Troubled Waters

In spite of a common perception that challenges are inherent in IT projects, reality by the numbers reveals an even starker environment for utilities facing their own major project endeavors. According to the benchmark CHAOS Study*—a barometer for the health of the world’s IT projects—in the last two years:


32% of IT projects were successful—delivered “on time, on budget, with required features and functions.”


44% of projects were considered “challenged”—“late, over budget, and/or with less than required features and functions.”


24% of projects failed completely—“canceled prior to completion or delivered and never used.”

In short, more than two-thirds of IT projects are not successful. In the wake of this harsh reality check, are there any real answers for utilities today facing down their own multi-million dollar technology projects chock full of financial and political risk? Our answer is a confident and resounding YES. The answer is NavigateOne™, and our clients’ projects prove it.

Proven Guidance for Your Journey

Within NavigateOne™, old-fashioned customer service and innovative tools, templates and software come together to provide our clients with unparalleled, hands-on guidance for projects of any scope. Whether CIS, ERP AMI, AMR or MDM, NavigateOne™:

Mitigates the risks common in utility IT projects

Safeguards you from the financial and political fallout of poor planning

Ensures that technology solves real business needs

Drives value into your organization, and

Focused On Your Business Needs

At its Heart

NavigateOne ™ is the conviction that technology projects must be driven by and solve real business needs.

In Other Words

A legacy system that cannot be maintained is not a business-focused project driver, but rather, how that system affects productivity, customer service and future performance is.

NavigateOne ™ captures these business drivers, correlates them to needed technology capabilities, and then catalogs the two into a business-focused technology requirements document that will play a key role in both the selection of a technology solution and the implementation to follow.

Complete Project Solutions

We’ve designed the NavigateOne ™ system with the entire technology project in view. What this means is that a selection project is not merely a selection but also the foundation for success in the coming implementation. Our clients complete their technology evaluation and selection projects with a comprehensive Statement of Work and a signed vendor contract in hand, as well as clearly defined standards for measuring the success of the implementation ahead.

Similarly, we refuse to allow an implementation to simply be a plug and play experience, where the vendor plugs in their software and leaves our clients to sort out their new technology. Rather, we ensure that the entire organization is fully prepared to maximize the value derived from their new system, that the functionality promised by the vendor is delivered and that efficiency recovery time following Go Live is minimized.

On-Site Expertise

Without question the most important component of the NavigateOne ™ system is our people. Team AAC is comprised of dedicated, talented people, who bring their rich experience, expertise and insights into our clients’ projects. Furthermore, our on-site approach to consulting makes all the difference for the success of our clients’ projects.

As Team AAC consultants work shoulder to shoulder with your project team, critical insights are gained and shared, project flow is streamlined, and solid working relationships are fostered—all of which drive value into the project and further ensure success.

It’s this blend of old-fashioned service and process innovation that has been the perfect formula for the success of both our clients and our firm.

We’re ready to put our expertise and innovation to work for you.

Let’s take this journey together.