5 Quick Steps to Social Media Deployment

5 Quick Steps to Social Media Deployment

One of the trends in utility call centers is engaging customers through social media. Whether it’s a Facebook like or a favorited Tweet, social media can be an immediate way to remind customers your utility is responsive and engaged.

Until social media conversations go unanswered, tweets get complainy, or Facebook feuds go viral.

The volatility of social media engagement can be intimidating. And yet, the younger your customers, the more they’ll expect you to be engaged. While we can’t pretend nothing will go wrong, we can at least mitigate risk with a clear plan.

Here are 5 quick ways to ensure your social media engagement is deployed with a solid plan.

  1. Define how and when to use each medium.
  2. Staff and train your call center reps to each medium.
  3. Be responsive.
  4. Publish your service level expectations for social media.
  5. Standardize responses.

How & When

Getting on Facebook? What will you post? How often? Will you allow others to post to your page? How will you handle unfavorable posts? Know the medium before you engage and write clear rules for how and when it will be used.

Staff & Train

Not all of your reps will know social media platforms. Invest in training sessions to help them navigate the sites. If they are logging in as the utility, they represent the brand. Treat social media software like you would call handling technology, CIS or Work Management software.

Be Responsive

Though social media is not always meant to be instantaneous, many of the people who use it do so because they believe it will be immediate. Sick of the wait time? Tweet. Don’t have time to hold? Facebook message. Your team needs to be on the alert for all of those social media messages and respond in a timely manner.

If you have web chat, your customers are waiting on the other side of that engagement just like the would be if it were a phone call. Be courteous by being responsive.

Publish Times

If your social media responses are limited to the call center hours, publish those hours the same way: Social media 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. That way your customers won’t think social media is an after-hours way to engage.

Standardize Responses

People engaging through Twitter should not get a different answer to the same question than those calling in. Be sure your responses are standardized so that social media doesn’t become the shortcut to getting what they want or the dead end that can be circumvented by calling in.

What strategies did your call center use to deploy social media for customer engagement? Leave a comment.

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