Doing The Dishes

Doing The Dishes

Sometimes I think it’s the word itself that pushes me to the limit when my parents speak of a chore. Instead, why can’t they ask for a favor? Whether it’s putting up laundry or doing dishes, mundane tasks drive me crazy!

“Mother, are you serious? You actually want me to unload and load the dishwasher”, I shouted from my room. “Fine”, I said stubbornly as I stomped my way from my room into the kitchen. Just as I opened the dishwasher, hot steam arose. “Ugh it is so hot, Mom. Can you not help me” I asked? Of course she said no. In order to put the cups up, first I have to open the squeaky cabinet that makes noises every time it moves. Then I have to organize the cups in their specified cabinet. I even have to stack the cups on top of each other to save cabinet space. The next thing I have to do is move all of the china plates that we use to eat on, to the cabinets. This hideous china is not light either. My veins in my arms strain because the plates are so heavy. Although it makes more sense to carry fewer plates, if I did so I would have to walk back and forth to the cabinets repeatedly. Five feet is a long distance when it comes to carrying plates from the dishwasher. Oh, do not worry because I’m still not done. Now I have to bend all the way over, reach down, and actually grab the silver-ware rack. Now I have to put the silver-ware into the correct spots so my parents will not have a panic attack. The sound of the forks, knives, and spoons clinging together is enough to drive me crazy. Now that I have devoted two hours of my time to unloading dishes, I am finally done. “You need to load the dishwasher too, Julia”, my mom shouted from her room. Now I actually have to touch those dirty dishes that have grimy food stains on them from the night before. My parents want me to actually scrub those plates? They must have lost their minds! “Mama, this is just gross. I refuse to do any more dishes”.

By: Julia Bonnette, Orangeburg Preparatory 

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