Five Reasons You Need to be at CS Week

Five Reasons You Need to be at CS Week

It’s April and the biggest event of our year is just 24 days away: CS Week. This month on the blog we’ll be talking about registering, what the event has to offer, and previewing some of our college class content.

There are dozens of reasons for attending CS Week. Some of them are shared by industry executives in these video clips. Here are our Top Five Reasons CS Week Should be on Your Calendar:


So you know your organization is ready for change but you’re not exactly sure what’s available to you. With CS Week College (Monday, April 25) you’ll learn key strategies for moving your business forward. Leadership lessons, management strategies, and project readiness are just some of the topics available.

TeamAAC will present Your Aging CIS: What’s Next and How to Move Forward. If your utility has a legacy system that is hard to maintain, has limited functionality, or is nearing end-of-life, you need this class. We’ll review our NavigateOne methodology for assessing your current system, selecting a change strategy, and building an implementation project.

While our presentation discusses Customer Information Systems (CIS) vendors and integration partners, the methodology we share is applicable for all system updates including Financial Information Systems (FIS), Work Management Systems (WMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP).

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Women in Utilities

Last month we featured some high-powered women on our blog and discussed the return on investment of women’s employee resource groups. It’s no secret that the utilities industry needs more women in leadership and that strategies exist to meet that objective.

Learn all about what your peers are doing to encourage women to reach their full potential. Share stories with women executives and learn their answers to career questions from negotiating salary to specializing in high-growth areas.

Women in Utilities is an AAC-sponsored event on Tuesday (April 26) at 6 p.m. that encourages conversation and networking between women who have made utilities their careers. It’s open to every conference attendee and has been a great way to advance the conversation about women in leadership in our industry.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the internet of things? If you’re not sure, then you really need to come to CS Week. The event includes workshops that explore the IoT origins, ideas, and impact. When devices are connected through networking technology, they change the way your customers interact with them. That connectivity includes high-energy consuming devices and 24-hour online behaviors.

The IoT offers opportunities and threats, it creates new markets and makes old markets obsolete. Learn about the IoT in sessions with Gartner analysts and utility executives.

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Emerging Technologies

As clean energy strategies are implemented and alternative energy is developed, more and more technology is emerging to help utilities operate their business. Regulations and legislation continue to challenge our industry. During CS Week you can get visibility to some of the latest technology to address trends and change in the utilities space.

These workshops provide education and brainstorming work. How can your utility engage new technologies to meet strategic goals? Throughout the week presenters from utilities like Texas Utilities and Southern California Edison, with decades of industry knowledge and experience, will discuss solar power, renewables, and net-metering strategies.


One of the highlights of the CS Week event is the grand, impressive exhibition hall where industry services and solutions providers will be available to demonstrate products and answer questions.

AAC Utility Partners tops the list with our project management, organizational change, assessment and selection, and product testing consultants. Get answers to all of the questions you have about what systems change really looks like, how projects are conducted, and why you need a trusted partner like AAC on your side.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. During CS Week’s five days of education, networking, trends, and exposure, you’ll build the relationships and expertise you need to enact change in your organization. Register here.

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