Project Updates

Project Updates

See a snapshot of some of AAC’s most recent project awards and activities…

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AAC is Heading Back to the Northeast

South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority selected AAC Utility Partners to undertake an assessment of their existing CIS system (implemented in 2010) to determine if they should look at replacing it with one that is just as capable to meet their business needs but is less expensive and does not require as many human resources to maintain. Through a competitive bid process, AAC articulated how the NavigateOne™ methodology could provide the data and analysis they require. The project initiated in mid-October.

SCC RWA, located in New Haven Connecticut, provides water service to more than 115,000 customers across 20 municipalities.

JUNE 2017

Working on the Rio Grande

Looking to determine a strategic direction for their Customer Information System, the City of EL Paso, Texas selected AAC to assist with the assessment phase of their transformation project. A long-time systems and software client of AAC, El Paso is very confident with AAC’s NavigateOne™ methodology and the expectation of a data driven process that is executed with rigor. Team AAC is already engaged with El Paso in the planning project.

The City of El Paso serves approximately 220,000 water and wastewater customers.


Serving in the City of Brotherly Love

Also known as the Home of the World’s Greatest Philly Cheese Steak…

Philadelphia Gas Works has joined AAC’s growing client list. PGW retained AAC to assist with assessing their CIS and Mobile Work Management Systems in order to determine their best path forward. The starting point for the project includes an SPL CIS Plus solution and an MWM that was developed in-house.

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) is the largest municipally owned gas company in the country, serving over 500,000 customers.



When “Clouds” are a Good Thing

DC Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) has been an AAC client for some time as we have been assisting them with the selection of a new CIS to replace their aging Orcom solution. Utilizing the NavigateOne™ Selection process, DC Water selected Vertex and the VertexOne solution as their new CIS. VertexOne is a CIS offering built on the SAP platform and is only offered in the “cloud.” Vertex hosts the solution for DC Water (in the cloud) and provides support (in the cloud). To increase the success for this project, DC Water selected AAC to provide Project Management Services for this aggressive implementation effort.

DC Water is one of the preeminent water companies in the country and world. They distribute drinking water and collect and treat wastewater for more than 672,000 residents (140,000 meters) and 17.8 million annual visitors in the District of Columbia. Their Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world, with a capacity of 370 million gallons per day (MGD), a peak capacity of 1.076 billion gallons per day and covering 150 acres.



AAC is Moving Forward

The City of Loveland, Colorado recognized the need to replace its Customer Information System, as it had been on the HTE Platform since 1987. Proposing our NavigateOne™ Methodology, the City contracted with AAC for an initial phase of assisting in the identification of their budgetary need and leading them through a selection process. AAC is also under contract to provide Project Management Services through the implementation.

The City of Loveland is a short drive from Denver. They provide electricity, water, sewer, solid waste to 40,000 customers.



“Aloha I Ko Makou Newest Client” – Hawai’i Gas

Hawai’i Gas engaged AAC for a two-phase project – Phase One, to assist with the selection of a new Customer Information System to replace an existing Orcom system; and Phase Two, to support them with the implementation of their new CIS, providing Testing Leadership and Training Leadership for the implementation.

Hawai’i Gas is an investor owned utility and serves over 68,000 gas customers throughout the state of Hawai’i, providing regulated gas, unregulated gas (propane), appliance installation, maintenance, and repair services. Hawai’i Gas is owned by Macquarie Infrastructure Company (MIC), with corporate offices based in Honolulu where the project is located.


JULY 2016

Citizens Energy Group Looks to AAC to Assess Future of Banner CIS

Citizens Energy Group operates the SCT Banner Customer Information System. AAC is onboard to assist with a CIS assessment and to develop a strategy for the future. The engagement includes to ascertain if they need to maintain, upgrade or replace their Banner application and to provide the data and analysis on the different options to determine their go-forward strategy.

Located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, Citizens Energy Group provides a wide array of services to their constituents. Citizens Energy Group operates as a public charitable trust and provides natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services to about 800,000 people and thousands of businesses in the Indianapolis area.

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