Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

AAC’s consultants are often called upon to offer educational presentations on trending topics across the utility industry. Our upcoming classes and workshops offer utility leaders valuable insight to help make informed business decisions.

EUCI Utility CIS Conference
Arlington, Virginia | 21-22 August 2017

The Perceived Risks of Cloud CIS Systems and How to Mitigate Risks with a Thorough Evaluation
Misconceptions about the cloud and what utilities need to know when assessing options for cloud-based CIS solutions.
Tuesday, 22 August – 1:00-4:30 pm

Steve Wenke – Managing Partner, AAC

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SAP for Utilities Annual Conference
10-13 September 2017 | Huntington Beach, California

Planning and Execution of a Large Sap Solution: How Washington Gas Got It Right
Planning, implementation, project outcomes, and lessons learned in managing one of the most successful large and complex SAP implementation projects in recent history.
Tuesday, 12 September – 11:30 am

Nasser Akari – Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, Washington Gas
Rick Cutter – Managing Partner, AAC
Bob Simpson – Program Director, HCL Technologies

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APPA Annual Business and Financial Conference
17-20 September 2017 | Nashville, Tennessee

Get Your Head in the Cloud
As cloud technology continues to experience rapid growth in the utilities industry – we know that getting clear, unbiased facts about what it means for your business could never be more important
Sunday, 17 September

Rick Cutter –Managing Partner, AAC
Edwin Crow – Managing Partner, AAC

Considering Moving to the Cloud: Decision Factors and Analysis Required to Inform Your Decision
Critical decision factors that should be considered before making the leap to the cloud
Monday, 18 September – 9:15-10:15 am

Rick Cutter –Managing Partner, AAC
Edwin Crow – Managing Partner, AAC

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Cloud Summit 2017
5-7 November 2017 | Washington, DC

AAC is proud to be a Platinum Level Founding Technology Sponsor for the first-annual Cloud for Utilities Summit in Washington, D.C. Cloud solutions are no longer on the horizon, they are on the ground and it is more important than ever for utility leaders to get the facts that will enable them to determine with confidence when and how to approach the deployment of cloud solutions for their organizations. AAC stands at the forefront of industry professionals working to educate utilities on how to navigate through the intricate process of assessing, selecting, and successfully implementing the transformation of mission critical systems to the cloud.

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