You’re Back! What Have You Missed?

You’re Back! What Have You Missed?

We’ve been blogging regularly for six months. Maybe you missed something. Check out this highlight reel:

In the modern utility call center, management is a 360-degree occupation. Call routing, performance management, and customer engagement all have their own platforms and tools. In this blog post, we look at some of the hottest trends helping our utility customers’ call center professionals reach the top of their profession.

Timelines are good tools for showing progress toward the ultimate outcome: implementation. But they can also create unnecessary stress, misplaced urgency, and a feeling of arbitrariness. In this blog, we share some research findings related to setting timelines that actually work.

We spent Women’s History Month talking about Women in Utilities.

In corporate America, less than 20% of executive and CEO positions are held by women. In the utilities industry, that number is even worse. This blog gives the stats.

Then we interviewed Dr. Julie Albright, an industry leader and frequent conference presenter. Her take on gender parity in utilities is on this blog.

Denise Kruger, an executive with Golden State Water, spoke to us about advancing women in utilities. Her advice included finding some niche or new trend in which you can become an expert. We revisited Denise’s advice in our CS Week lead up to Women in Utilities. AAC is proud to sponsor the exclusive networking event each year.

AAC also sponsored the Women in Utilities webinar Women’s Resource Groups and we blogged about the discussion the presenters had about whether the investment was worth it.

At AAC, we talk a lot about Assessment as the right place to begin your systems change project.

In 7 Reasons You Need an Assessment, we made use of the blogger’s favorite tool: a list! Whether it’s about service for savvy customers, regulatory compliance, or just getting the latest technology into your employees’ workspace, Assessments provide comprehensive analyses to help you determine where your utility is and where it needs to go.

At CS Week, Assessments can be the differentiator between getting what you need and being totally overwhelmed by everything the conference has to offer. We discussed using Assessment questions to create a plan for CS Week and maximize your opportunity for education.

In The Unwritten Rules of CIS Selection, a webinar and blog, our friends at Otter Tail Power talked about how crucial their Assessment was to their implementation project. AAC guided Otter Tail through Assessment and Selection and is now engaged in the Implementation project, helping Otter Tail bring a much-anticipated transformation to their organization.

Worried you’re missing out on some of AAC’s best advice?

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