Evaluation & Selection

“How will we know we’re making the right decision? Which solution is right for our organization’s unique business, information and technology needs? What will be the impact of a new information system on our business model? On our bottom line? How do I verify the validity of a particular vendor?”

If these are the types of questions you find yourself asking as your organization prepares for a major IT project, AAC can help you confidently find the answers through our Technology Evaluation & Selection services division. Here’s how:

A Focus on Your Business

AAC’s Evaluation & Selection services are based in the conviction that technology projects should be driven by business needs. Our NavigateOne ™ Methodology captures these business drivers, correlates them to needed technology capabilities and then catalogs the two into a business-process-based requirements document that drives selection of technology solution.

A Focus on the Project, Not the Software

Furthermore, we judge the success of a selection project not simply by a software package being chosen but by how well the project will serve and bring value to your organization in the months and years after Go Live. We understand that the details of selection set the stage for success throughout implementation and launch. That’s why we place the highest importance on careful documentation and the production of robust project documents like the project Statement of Work (SOW).

This process will literally revolutionize the way your team thinks about and executes major IT projects, as we carefully guide you through:

Identifying your unique business needs driving the technology update

Documenting business-process and technology requirements thoroughly

Identifying, managing and mitigating project risks

Developing effective RFP documents that streamline procurement

Navigating the selection process with confidence

Justifying procurement decisions to stakeholders

Creating a comprehensive implementation SOW

Providing accurate, reliable and transparent feedback on project progress

Reducing project scope and cost expansion

By the end of your selection project, your team will have confidently identified a technology solution and implementation vendor based on thorough research—a decision that can be clearly detailed and justified to project stakeholders. You’ll have an executed contract with the selected vendor and a fully-detailed SOW that will keep the vendor accountable and on track. And finally, you will have the tools and data necessary to measure clearly the progress and success of your project.

AAC’s Evaluation & Selection process delivers much more than a solution and vendor, it delivers a completely built, ready-to-execute project.