Project Strategy

Many utilities today are unknowingly wasting millions of dollars through their technology projects.

While this may seem a bold claim, it is far too often that utilities begin a major IT project without fully considering its relationship to and impact on their entire organization and other technology systems.

A perfect example is the industry’s current push toward “smart” technology. Many utilities feel the pressure to purchase AMI solutions, yet without understanding what they will do with all the new data this technology yields and how it will affect their business processes.

In contrast, AAC’s Project Strategy services ensure that the dollars spent on new technology deliver maximum value to your organization and free up funds for further project initiatives.

How? By ensuring that each project aligns with both your overall business strategy and other technology projects, both current and future.

We begin by helping you to both document the status of all your current systems and then anticipate the impact of your new project on all the others. This simple step in planning your project can save your utility millions in duplication of effort and functionality—or worse, in the correction of errors due to incompatibility with other systems. For example, one of our clients had a dozen technology projects planned or under execution. Through AAC’s Project Strategy services, they were able to realize that they only needed four or five well-planned projects instead.

Next, we help you identify the performance of your systems today—their strengths, weaknesses, limitations on business functionality and compatibility with a new project.

And finally, we deliver to you a realistic master plan that is actionable. And by “actionable,” we mean that when this process is completed, your team will clearly understand the next steps in realizing your project goals.