Synchro Services

Coordinate the efforts of multiple work teams, manage a million-dollar-plus budget, keep upper management fed with data on project progress, and … oh yeah … don’t neglect your normal workload.

These are the challenges inherent in major IT implementations for utility project teams and leadership. And understandably, for many utilities one of the most common hurdles to project success is finding the human resources to adequately staff and oversee their project.

While technology vendors arrive with a team ready to work and focused solely on the project, utility personnel must divide their time, often transitioning in and out of the project in phases as job constraints permit. This arrangement is particularly problematic for anyone on the project leadership team.

AAC’s Project Synchronization Services—or Synchro Services for short—were designed to meet this need. Whether utilities want to augment their current internal project management team or have AAC take on a leadership role, these client-side services take the headache out of your project and ensure that teams, tasks and communications are synchronized and meeting objectives and deadlines.