2019 Best CIS Implementation – Tier 1 Project of the Year

DC Water wins CS Week Expanding Excellence Award for Best CIS Implementation

The successful implementation of a new Customer Information System (CIS) is an accomplishment recognized across the utility industry. The successful implementation of a new Customer Information System (CIS) in twelve months, while completing the project within budget, is an award-winning accomplishment.

DC Water was running a twenty-year-old CIS that was not enabling them to deliver the “world class” service expected by the utility or their constituents. DC Water engaged AAC Utility Partners to assist with the assessment of their needs and the selection of a software vendor and system integrator. Utilizing its proprietary methodology, NavigateOne™, AAC  led DC Water through a CIS selection process evaluating both in-house options as well as “cloud” solutions. As “in-house” and “Cloud” solutions require different evaluation criteria, AAC helped DC Water assess the various options; resulting in DC Water selecting the VertexOne cloud platform.

The final deliverable for the selection engagement was the negotiation and development of the Statement of Work (SOW) for the new CIS, Mobile Work Management and Customer Portal.  Using their proprietary NavigateOne™ Statement of Work framework, AAC assisted DC Water in the negotiation of the final SOW that was the foundation for the implementation project which included the implementation strategy, phase gates, and clearly defined deliverables.

To execute a project of this magnitude, DC Water recognized they could benefit from a professional consulting firm that specializes in helping utilities manage large scale implementations.  At the conclusion of a competitive bid process, DC Water then selected AAC Utility Partners to provide Project Management Leadership and Testing Leadership for the DC Water Project.  “In the process of evaluating the respondents, we concluded that AAC Utility Partners was a project focused company with a detailed methodology and tools to be part of our team,” states Tom Kuczynski, DC Water VP of Information Technology.  “AAC utilized their NavigateOne™ methodology to provide overall project management and to lead the comprehensive testing effort.

“This is an award-winning project that is being recognized across the industry and will be studied as a “Best Practice” Implementation for years to come” states Rick Cutter, AAC Managing Partner. “There are very few if any, full CIS replacements implemented successfully in 12 months, much less at a tier-one utility providing services to the most political environment in the world.  Much of the credit goes to DC Water and its project team as they invested in a well-experienced staff and provided the necessary resources and leadership throughout the project.” “We are very appreciative of DC Water to have been a part of the DC Water team for this transformation project.”

“Additionally, DC Water management deserves credit as they made the commitment and followed through with making hard decisions to do whatever was necessary not to modify the system choosing a “Buy and Adopt” approach.  This was a major determinant in DC Water’s success”, continues, Rick Cutter.  “While many utilities talk about implementing base code, DC Water followed through on the commitment, and it will pay dividends in the future.”  “We committed at the beginning of the project that we would do whatever was necessary to utilize the base system,” says Tom Kuczynski.  “While we had some tough decisions to make, DC Water management followed through with our commitment to the project team.”

DC Water has successfully implemented its new Customer Information System and Mobile Work Management System and Customer Self-service. This is an excellent accomplishment for DC Water and its constituents. AAC Utility Partners extends appreciation for being selected to be a partner in this great project and recognizes DC Water on winning the CS Week Expanding Excellence Award for Best CIS Implementation for tier-one utilities?

DC Water and Sewer Authority is one of the preeminent water companies in the country and world. They distribute drinking water and collect and treat wastewater for more than 681,000 residents (140,000 meters) and 17.8 million annual visitors in the District of Columbia. Their Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world, with a capacity of 370 million gallons per day, a peak capacity of 1.076 billion gallons per day and covering 150 acres.

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