AAC Assisting Arizona Water Company with the Assessment of Enterprise Resource Planning Needs

As a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona Water Company (AWC) has been delivering clean and reliable water to Arizona communities for over 65 years. Today, the company operates 22 water systems in more than 30 communities, serving more than 90,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers through award-winning production and distribution systems.


With the desire to continually improve internal operations and efficiency and provide enhanced customer service, Arizona Water Company wanted to evaluate a number of its aging software platforms. To determine the best path forward, Arizona Water Company engaged AAC Utility Partners to assess its Enterprise Resource Planning Applications and recommend maintaining, upgrading, or replacing the current software. The assessment will provide the needed data and recommendations to support AWC’s strategic planning process.


AAC will utilize its NavigateOne™ Methodology and tools to guide the assessment of the ERP systems, including Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Work Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Billing, and Customer Self-service. Working with Arizona Water Company’s subject matter experts, AAC will lead strategy sessions to look at how AWC is doing business today and what capabilities are needed to be more productive and to provide outstanding customer service for the future. This analysis will also consider technical capabilities, requirements, and deployment options to determine if the new applications should be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model.


“We are very appreciative to be working with Arizona Water Company and providing support for their ERP strategy,” states Steve Wenke, AAC Managing Partner. “An Enterprise Resource Planning System and Customer Information System are mission-critical platforms for utilities, and deploying the right solutions is integral to efficient operations and exceptional customer support,” continued Wenke.


“With the assessment currently underway, we are looking forward to the data and recommendations from AAC Utility Partners to assist in our applications strategic planning,” states Deron Allen, AWC Vice President of Operations. “We are aware of AAC’s work at other utilities and have confidence in their ability to deliver to our needs,” Allen continued.