Edwin Crow

Managing Partner

With over 15 years experience selling and delivering mission-critical IT solutions to utilities, Edwin has earned numerous awards for helping utilities successfully justify the purchase of new products and breakthrough technologies.

He earned this recognition by creating multi-dimensional strategies that focus on clients’ unique business drivers which clearly explain the need for complex technology solutions. The result has been the successful negotiation of more than $100 million in IT agreements for utilities.

Prior to joining AAC as managing partner, Edwin founded and served as president of Voice Application Development, a leading IVR evaluation and design company where he taught negotiation techniques and negotiated

His impressive portfolio also includes a tenure with Conita Technologies, a speech technology firm for whom he negotiated contracts in the North America and United Kingdom energy and financial markets, including his primary role in structuring the acquisition of Conita Technologies by Avaya.

Edwin has also served as regional manager for Systems and Computer Technology’s (SCT) Energy, Utilities and Communications business unit—acquired by Indus in 2003—where he was instrumental in taking SCT’s first CIS outsource offering to the North America energy market. This feat was accomplished in the midst of unprecedented growth at SCT—from 120 to more than 600 employees and revenues of $10M to over $100M.

Today, Edwin brings his company-development leadership and negotiation skillset to the projects of AAC’s clients, ensuring their projects are solidly contracted, clearly-justified to stakeholders and beneficial to the functionality and bottom line of their organizations.