Navigating successful transformation of mission critical systems for utilities since 2005

The NavigateOne™ Difference

AAC’s services are built on our transformational methodology, NavigateOne™ which includes a proprietary set of processes, tools, templates, and software, completely scalable and customizable to the unique needs of utilities software initiatives. The scope of services available for an AAC client is offered within three core competencies, as summarized below.

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The future of transformation is now… Is your utility ready?

Client Testimonials…

We understood the importance of getting it right with this technology upgrade. We consider ourselves an innovative utility focused on the needs of both current customers and the future generation of customers. While there were a lot of talented consultants out there, we picked AAC because of their impressive track record, knowledge of the utility and software industries, focus on our business drivers, and cultural fit with our team. We’ve seen throughout this selection that we made the right choice.

Doug Wood, PMPDirector of Information Systems, Cowlitz County PUD

AAC’s NavigateOne™ methodology streamlined the many steps of our robust selection process, which enabled our team to focus on the value of vendors’ solutions and the fit of their corporate cultures.

Mark LopezBusiness Information Systems Manager, Anaheim Public Utilities

Due to the guidance AAC provided each step of the way, in particular regarding our Organizational Readiness focus, we were able to introduce the changes and experience minimal disruption in our core business activities. The preparation of the organization was essential for this large-scale change in business processes.

Dorothy GreeneProject Manager, Gainesville Regional Utilities

We chose AAC Utility Partners to provide their Synchro Services for our implementation project because we were impressed and very satisfied with the evaluation and selection services they provided us. As the evaluation and selection phase of the project progressed, each member of AAC’s organization was warmly received by and has earned the respect of employees from all levels of our Company.

Yvonne AndresProject Director, Golden State Water Company

AAC took the time to understand our specific challenges when they set out to guide our project. That leadership from the very beginning, joined with the structured guidance of NavigateOne™, ensured that we never lost sight of our goals and always had the support we needed.

Denise KrugerSenior Vice President, Regulated Utilities, Golden State Water Company

AAC steered us around the many pitfalls that can plague a project.

Christian BlaisVP of Information Systems, Bermuda Electric Light Co.

AAC’s NavigateOne™ was the essential guide for our project.

Fred AngelCustomer Operations Administrator, Chesterfield County Dept. of Utilities

The future of transformation is now… is your utility ready?

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