Putting Some SaaS In Your Solution

AAC is excited to have been selected once again to offer an educational class at CS Week 44! This course will cover the who, what, when, where, why , and how of SaaS solutions…specifically as related to Utilities. Participants will walk away with a solid foundational understanding of SaaS, why it’s important to future operations, how to hold the ‘keys to the kingdom’ throughout a system transformation to SaaS, and how to live happily after.

Utility professionals at every level will benefit by attending. CS Week College is scheduled Monday, May 18, and is a full-day of professional training. Registration can be completed online at www.csweek.org.

Course Objectives include the following:

  1. Understanding the components of “Cloud” as it pertains to the Utility industry including active participants
  2. Benefits and Challenges of a SaaS “like” solution
  3. Preparing for the SaaS transformation
  4. Understanding how SaaS impacts contractual requirements – key components you need to cover and why
  5. Understanding how SaaS changes the organization – Management, IT, Operational
  6. Understanding ongoing operations utilizing SaaS – PMO, Center of Excellence, Training


Christina Schueneman
– Director, Technology Assessment and Selection

Lyndal Haddox
– Vice President, Innovative Solutions