Recently Awarded Projects
– Relationships Matter!

San Gabriel Valley Water Company

AAC assisted SGVWC with an ERP assessment that also included CIS. Working in partnership with AAC in planning for the project, SGVWC made the decision to proceed with the ERP selection and implementation. After leading them through the ERP process, SGVWC selected Infor and retained AAC to assist with the implementation. To fulfill their commitments to the Public Utility Commission, SGVWC also sought AAC’s assistance to proceed with their CIS selection. Continuing the relationship established with SGVWC and its management, AAC and SGVWC executed an agreement to continue partnering through a CIS selection project.

City of Longmont, Colorado

The City of Longmont selected AAC over seven other firms. The project is to lead the City through a CIS and Broadband assessment/selection to replace the Hansen Banner CIS and to determine the feasibility of the CIS to include broadband billing.

AAC also is working with Utility agencies in other Colorado cities who where our proprietary NavigateOne™ methodology brings value. We are delighted to continue building partnerships throughout the State of Colorado and looking forward to sharing their future success stories.