Supporting youth in pursuit of academic and career development

AAC understands that our partnership with Clients is not only about the technical aspects of what we do…but ultimately about the communities they serve, and we want to contribute to the success of those communities. One way we do this is through our “Young Navigators Award Program.” The Program assists a graduating high school student who would benefit from financial support to pursue academic and career development opportunities. The Program, named after our signature methodology, NavigateOne™, was designed to contribute to their success.

The Program is administered on behalf of and in collaboration with AAC Clients. Our Clients help us engage with a local school or agency, and the school/agency solicits students to participate in an essay contest. Students must follow a specific set of guidelines and prepare a minimum 500-word essay on a particular utility-related topic. Papers are reviewed and scored jointly by AAC and a Client representative to select a winner who receives a $1,500 award! The Client helps to coordinate an award ceremony, and the student is honored publicly for their achievement.

Recent project awards:

City of Tallahassee

Participating Agency:
Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend

Award Recipient:
Onye Annabelle Winborne

City of Moreno Valley

Participating Agency/Award Recipient:
Moreno Valley Community Foundation/MoVaLEARNS

Eastern Municipal Water District

Participating Agency:
West Valley High School

Award Recipient:
Alexia Granville